The Demon Within

You are always here,

Whispering in my ear,

Saying all the things I fear,

Until I’m nothing but a single tear.

Confirming every bad thought,

You make me sick with rot,

Shame and guilt are all you’ve brought,

Until I feel all but nought.

Telling me nothing but lies,

Until all I can do is despise,

I beg for some allies,

But all I can do is apologise.

The thoughts keep me twisted inside,

I turn to run and hide,

But all I can is agonise,

As the ship around me starts to capsize.


The Doctors

I went in terrified that I would get no plan, that I would be deemed unworthy but the story did not turn out the way I thought, it was worse. As I waited on my behind doctor a drunk woman was screaming about waiting, and I knew I would be next because unlike her I came in about five minutes before my appointment.

She would comment loudly after other people were asked in, I was very worried about her erupting when the doctor came out to see me but instead something else happened. The fire alarm went off, imagine a high pitched noise that would never end, we waited to be told what to do thinking it was just a drill.

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I did it! Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween but this year I’m extra glad it’s here because I made it, blogging every day for thirty-one days straight! It is completely knackering, I’ve been up obsessing over posts, putting myself down, and completely frazzled at times but I did it!

It hasn’t hurt my passion for writing at all, I thought I’d be sick of it all by now, but if anything I am more passionate about it than I was. I thought for this post I would list all the things that blogtober has taught me.

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