What is left behind after abuse?

Abuse comes in many forms, for me, it was both psychological and physical abuse that my ex put me through. Today I’d like to talk about what is left behind after abuse, and what it is like trying to move forward from something that is so hateful.Read More »


Fear has left my body stuck to the chair,

I have no reason to be held there,

Silence creeps throughout the realm,

As the terror grows stronger than an elm.

With no idea as to what is happening,

This dismay has become baffling,

Feeling trapped without means of escape,

Looking for a saviour with a red cape.

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12 Months

It has been a year since my last miscarriage, tests from Tommys keep being pushed back every few months, in this time I have kept hoping that we will find the problem but after a year it’s being to feel hopeless.

I’m another year older than I was, another year with terrible mental health, and I honestly feel that I have achieved nothing. That’s not true, however, so I thought I’d list my achievements none the less.

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