We choose hope.

How many times will you say the word no?

Should we beg and plead in order to go?

It Is this relationship working for us?

Remember the times you made such a fuss?

Will seventy-five per cent of us be enough?

Or would you just take one-quarter of our stuff?

Can anything help at this point in time?

Can our union withstand all this grime?

We chose hope over fear,

Votes cast makes that point clear,

We chose hope over fear,

As you point and sneer,

We choose hope.

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Reading about Politics makes me so Anxious!

No matter what side of the political aisle you may sit at there’s always going to be times in your life where the government may have stressed you out, but for me, right now seems like a giant ball of stress in my chest.

In the past few years, differing political factions have both been caught up in acts of aggression against the other side and it is beginning to remind me of a time in my early life as I watched my government start to lock people up for being like me.

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