Still, I Plummet

The world revolves around the sun,

Winter, Spring, Summer, now Autumn has come,

Season’s change and I still think of you,

My purpose in life is now askew.

I try so very hard to put on a smile,

A laugh as I pretend not to think for a while.

Underneath I feel like I could explode,

But only I know the disarm code.

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12 Months

It has been a year since my last miscarriage, tests from Tommys keep being pushed back every few months, in this time I have kept hoping that we will find the problem but after a year it’s being to feel hopeless.

I’m another year older than I was, another year with terrible mental health, and I honestly feel that I have achieved nothing. That’s not true, however, so I thought I’d list my achievements none the less.

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