Why I didn’t report

With Donald Trump not believing women of sexual abuse for taking a time or not reporting I thought it was time to tell my own story in detail, what happened after, and why it took me so long to open afterwards. I gave a short explanation to this on Twitter and I wrote about it on here but I think its very important to talk about why I didn’t report the rape or sexual assault I experienced.

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To my old neighbours

Trigger Warning – Sensitive Subject Matter

I know you were afraid to get involved,

I know you heard everything he did to me,

and I know you just tried to forget about it.

I don’t blame you for not intervening,

you knew there was no reasoning with him,

and he’d hurt me more if you did.

I don’t blame you for not trying to talk to me about it,

it’s a sensitive issue to bring up,

and the one neighbour who did couldn’t make me leave.

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