“My page is here to document my mental illness recovery in the hopes to help others and educate the rest.”

My name is Em, I live in Scotland with my better half and our little furbaby. I started The Lady Prince as a way to speak out about Mental Health through documenting my own journey with Anxiety, PTSD, and Depression, as well as writing poetry about my experiences with trauma.

I do talk about a lot of topics that have been swept under the rug such as; rape, abuse, domestic violence, recurrent miscarriage, and infertility. I want to shine a light on these issues as well as helping those currently going through the same problems.

I have been in long term therapy for over a year, I take medication for my illness but I hope I can show that this does not define me. I am more than just the bad things that happened to me, and I am stronger for going through these challanges.