Can we?

Can we inspire?

Is it possible?

When things are most dire,

Is it Improbable?


Can we go back?

To kids skipping meals?

Will we come back?

Or shall we kick our heels?


Can we stand by?

While people suffer,

Will we speak lies,

As these lives get rougher?


All of these questions,

We must ask of ourselves,

Take all the suggestions,

Or will the poor stay on the shelf?

As it’s election time in this part of the world, and kids skipping meals has come back into the news, I got some inspiration.

I try to keep politics out of my writing, notice the word try, but sometimes you get inspiration in the weirdest places.

As always thank you so much for reading my work, and please stay safe.

Remember to socially distance until we are all vaccinated, and hopefully this will all soon be over.

Almost double vaccinated!


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