I cast you away.

Raised voices,

Hair stands tall,

Past choices,

Hurt most of all.


Guilt intended,

Frozen still,

Might look splendid,

But mean and shrill.


Torment with laughter,

Expect perfection,

Taunt her after,

Withhold affection.


You are not Carol Brady,

I won’t celebrate this day,

An abuser and shady,

I cast you away.

Mother’s Day is hard for me in several ways, firstly my relationship with my mother is not healthy.

She is abusive, both physically and emotionally, and I don’t understand why she’s still in my life.

Guilt, mostly, also believing that I deserve this form of treatment, she has messed with my mind.

Secondly, due to multiple miscarriages, many tests, and still no answers it brings up all sorts of feelings.

Sadness for not having my little ones around me, a reminder of my ticking clock, and questions of continuing to try.

It is a lot to take on, especially for just one person, so I’ve decided not to celebrate this year.

To even acknowledge it hurts.

As always, thank you for reading.


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