Toxic Cycle

I’m angry at everyone,

They’ve moved forward,

I’m angry at me,

For never being normal.

I’m angry at me,

It’s no massive revelation,

Angry at myself,

For not protecting.

Living in denial,

About what I’m facing,

Trying not to feel,

What is buried beneath.

Short-tempered and impatient,

Asking for the fog to clear,

I can’t see the cycle yet,

Having to break from family.

Toxic pools surround me,

The guilt of putting me first,

I don’t know where I will end in this journey,

I’m just tired of being hurt.

Thank you so much to all of you for reading my work.


8 thoughts on “Toxic Cycle

  1. Yes..first step is seeing the cycle…then it makes it easier to stop repeating it..but it can be process, where we fail a few times before we get it right.. Be patient with will happen..believe me..I know:)

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