The Wee Beastie!

It’s been seven long months with the wee beastie inside of me,

Worrying about the population of the minx,

My lungs still not up to capacity,

Breathing problems resemble the Sphinx.

Red flashing warnings around every corner,

More wee beasties come out of the woodwork,

Praying for the long night to get warmer,

The unseen killer smirks.

Masks turned into a political statement,

A vaccine is on the horizon,

Falsehoods classed as misstatements,

Hope is suddenly arising.

Let’s see where we are in a year,

Engulfed by the second wave,

Climbing up another tier,

Because of those who misbehave.

Image Link

Thank you for reading this, it’s nice of you to even take the time to click on the link.

It’s also really nice to think about a potential vaccine, but, other things terrify me.

I hope you are all well, and I urge you all to stay safe, but always reach out!


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