Some weeks ago I was sent to the hospital due to my body not recovering from COVID-19 after twelve weeks of symptoms.

Being in the COVID ward was hard enough, surrounded by people who were struggling to take a breath.

After many tests, the doctor was able to tell me that COVID had given me pneumonia, with no underlying conditions.

I was shocked, as far as I knew I had just really hurt my ribs from coughing.

My body managed to fight it on its own but not without a lot of pain and problems breathing.

Today I am still struggling with breathlessness and pain all down my left side.

Most of my lockdown has been spent at home, it’s hard for me to walk and I’m constantly drained.

My mental health has severely suffered throughout this, having to spend most days in bed isn’t healthy.

I have thrown myself into crafting, trying to keep my hands busy, but nothing seems to work.

Stuck inside, scared to go out in case I catch something else and end up in the hospital.

As I watch the beautiful weather outside, unable to enjoy it, I’m sad.

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5 thoughts on “Pneumonia

  1. I am so sorry for what you have been going through! People come with lots of advice and remedies and sometimes you get tired of that too. I really hope you start feeling stronger soon and the good news is that my family memeber’s company are almost done with a vaccine, a proper one and hopefully we’ll never get ot again! Sometimes your mind is your worst enemy . . .. I think my tongue has a bigger problem though – I’m always getting in trouble for saying too much or saying the wrong things! Well done and thank you for sharing your feelings !


      • There’s progress! Glad to hear that. 🤗

        Will pray for your fast recovery Em! At times like this, we just gotta stay positive, you know..AND dont forget that we always have Him with this journey! 🙏You’ll get through this eventually. 🤗


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