The High That Comes After The Crushing Low

Many of you may have experienced this short time in which you feel truly fortunate to have gotten through the worst part of your condition, it’s almost as if the sheer act of feeling less horrible causes a light to shine in the darkness.

These tiny moments are enough for me to hope that one day this feeling will last longer, that one day the anxiety and depression inside me will slowly begin to fade until bad days are few and far between.

When I feel bombarded with emotions these moments remind me that this feeling will not last forever, eventually, I will be able to calm myself down.

When my brain decides to go over every bad event for my past and or any potential scenario in my future, these instances remind me that I can face this head-on.

When I cannot stop telling myself how terrible I am, how I bring everyone down and they’d be better off without me; these moments remind me that I will get through it.

I want you to think about a time when you weren’t plagued by your mental health, a time when you didn’t seem to fear the future or felt you hadn’t lost hope.

Focus on this moment because no matter how long, it could have been thirty seconds or a full week, please know that you made it to the other side and you will get through this because those little moments mean that you have.

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