Wave of Light

The light had quickly faded from its bright start,

Yet continued burning as though it had heart,

Complications soon started heading its way,

And this tiny flame was obviously going to pay.

She feared for its future and what it might mean,

If she couldn’t remember peanut, sprout, or jelly bean,

This faint glimmer is meant to last for an entire hour,

A memorial to those souls could end up feeling sour.

Two of the lights got stronger as they remember,

Unstable the third had practically turned to ember,

She did not have the strength to relight the flame,

Believing with no answer that she was to blame.

Regardless the fire would fight off every draft,

Almost as if it knew some kind of witchcraft,

Counting down as the small flicker prevailed,

The mother thought of her babies as she exhaled.

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