Recently I’ve been feeling rather down, it seems the change in season has truly won this round, I have absolutely no motivation to do anything, and then today it hit me.

That’s Great

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You see at my lowest point I have never gotten bored, in fact, my mind races all the time so I’m never bored. I have too much going on to even think about getting bored.

When your thoughts go from one horrible scenario to the next like, “Oh I have to go out to get bread, but what if something bad happens, but I need bread, what if a car ran a red light and hopped onto the pavement to kill me.” it can be hard to feel boredom.

In fact, anxiety is almost the opposite so it can feel like you never get a moment to yourself, the weight of all that angst takes over. At times I feel jealous of people who say they are bored because my mind is never off.

But these past few days it has been, I have been bored all this time, not to say anxiety has gone away but it’s been manageable enough that I’m bored.

I say that’s a cause for celebration.

Thanks for reading,


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