Am I Jenny of Oldstones?

For those of you who have seen Game of Thrones or are a Florance + the Machine fan you may know the reference to Jenny of Oldstones, for those of you that don’t let me explain.

Jenny of Oldstones is basically someone who went through the great tragedy of losing not only her husband but also her son in a great fire, many other casualties were also taken and when it all was said and done she decided to live on in her burnt castle.

She lived on with her memories of the dead that where lost there, even when she has forgotten what they once looked liked or there names. She lived inside her own grief, surrounded by it for the rest of her life.

Now what the hell does Jenny of Oldstones have to do with me? I am currently moving out of my property and looking for a new house, the only thing that has been keeping me here is my grief.

I have been talking about moving out for some time but I can’t seem to let go, now I have no other choice but to move, leaving the ghosts of my past along with them.

It feels as though I cannot quite move on from the house where I lost two of my children, the more I think about moving the sadder I become, as those brief memories of being pregnant give me a connection I may eventually lose if I leave.

Do I embrace Jenny? Dancing around the ghosts of my past, or can I finally let go onto a better life?

Stay tuned.


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