I’ve been writing a book!

I have been rather quiet everywhere recently because I am writing a book, the idea just came to me a few weeks ago and every day I have spent away from here has been a day I have been working on the story.

Yes, my mental health may also be suffering as it does every day, but this novel seems to have just erupted out of me. Will, I get anywhere with the project? Probably not.

I have many book ideas that have just ended up sitting around in a folder, but that shouldn’t take away from the fact that after everything, all the ups and downs of my life, I’ve kept writing.

I decided to share the first few paragraphs with you, a sentence that makes me very anxious yet I still want to do it, hope you enjoy and if you hate it that’s ok too.

We are all different.

Thanks for reading,


The Girl and The Demon

Chapter One – Am I Evil?

For as long as she could remember Holly Calder had a demon in her life, not a figurative demon but an actual one by her side at all times. She never knew his real name, why would he tell her if that meant banishment but he insists she calls him Ron.

Ron was there for every event in her life; her 16th birthday party, exams, anytime she got close to kissing a boy Ron would butt in ruining the moment almost instantly. It’s safe to say that he was the bain of her life, and the worst thing was she couldn’t confide in anyone about him.

Ron was probably the most charming person Holly had ever met, but through years of experience with the demon alongside her, she knew never to trust him. He would show her all the good they could do if they worked together, but this only brought her more pain.

Holly felt a loneliness that most people would fear, scared she would be sent away to an infirmary for the mentally deranged, Holly took solace in her room. Here Ron couldn’t hurt anyone else, here she wouldn’t look crazy in front of her friends.

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