To my third child.

I’d like to start by saying sorry for not being as active, I’ve been rather down about Mothers Day, which has been seriously affecting my mood and almost two weeks later it is now the due date for the child I miscarried back in September.

The darkness has swallowed me up these past few weeks, to a point where I can’t do anything but sit in a darkened room staring into space, I can’t be of any help to anyone right now

I wish I could get to a place where I could at least try, helping others makes me feel a lot better about everything I’ve gone through. But right now I need to be selfish, and I need to focus on me.

Thanks for reading,


P.S. The poem below has been dedicated to my third child.

To My Third Child

I will never meet you in this life,

You won’t be brought to me by a midwife,

I won’t get to see your ten tiny little toes,

Or kiss you on your perfect wee nose.

I will never hear your first ever cry,

You won’t get the chance to be the apple of my eye,

I will never get to comfort you when you are sad,

Or watch you try skateboarding with your Dad.

I won’t read a book to you every night,

Or go camping underneath the moonlight,

I will not watch as you begin to walk,

I won’t hear your first word when you start to talk.

I will just miss you every single day,

Until my body starts to rot and decay,

You will always be with me inside my heart,

I will see you again my little sweetheart.

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