My Mothers Day

I will not get a card from my kids today,

No flowers will be delivered on this Mothering Sunday,

I will not wake up to breakfast in bed,

This day will always be one I completely dread.

I will not receive the customary perfume,

My day will be filled with constant doom and gloom,

I will not hear that I am the best mother in the world,

Choosing to stay on the cold floor broken and curled.

I will not be given the gift of chocolate,

Or a rather beautiful photo clasp locket,

I will not be honoured on the day,

Draped in a cloud of cold and grey.

I will not receive a hug from my child,

Today Mothers without children have been exiled,

I will not even get to see my own mother,

Because today I am depressed not because I don’t love her.

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