The Cocoon

Wrapped inside a great cocoon,

With no way to tell the sun from the moon,

Cannot feel the wind on my face,

Or the rain soaking through me as I run with haste.

Stagnant inside with nothing to do,

Cannot escape what I’m going through,

I have to stay still in this place,

The process is not a race.

The seasons change as I stay in the dark,

People come to sneer and snark,

To comment on my sad state of affairs,

As if my problems were there’s.

I will stay as long as it takes,

Bound to make a few mistakes,

But when I emerge I will be reborn,

Just please leave me to mourn.

I went to see my therapist last week and she put this image in my head of my grief or hard points in my life is just my own version of a cocoon. I thought it was the perfect image to describe how I have been feeling since September, I can be in a really dark place, but it’s ok because eventually, I will emerge stronger.

Thanks for reading,


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