We were Fearless.

When we were fearless,

The days became tearless,

It felt like it was finally our time,

Our life became sublime.

There was sheer magic in the air,

I could walk the land without care,

Skipping along with every step,

Full of some unordinary pep.

Life just seemed to be on our side,

It was our secret to confide,

As we walked through the autumn rain,

We thought nothing bad could ever happen to us again.

Putting those plans into motion,

There was nothing for you but devotion,

Ideas for names that might suit you,

Wondering when we will get our sneak preview.

Loving you before we even met you.

This has taken me about four days to write, I based it on my second pregnancy which ended in miscarriage and nearly dying, it was hard to remember how it felt to be fearless about pregnancy. Yes, I had a miscarriage before, but most women have gone through this at least once, so I really wasn’t worried that it could happen again.

We couldn’t be that unlucky twice, but we were, we have been that unlucky three times now. It’s hard for me to think about that time without feeling utterly decimated but I am glad I forced myself to remember just how happy I was. I want to get back to that level of fearlessness again, it may take me a very long time, but I want it all the same.

Thanks for reading,


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