The Lone Warrior

The lone warrior walks throughout the land,

Trying to find a connection in something he can’t understand,

He walks along the abandoned halls,

Thinking of the long forgotten masquerade balls.

Searching for the answers to his many questions,

Even the slightest hints or suggestions,

He braves the highest mountaintop,

To the loneliest little grocery shop.

Nothing has wavered the lone warriors resolve,

To find just who or what was involved,

But what if there was no foul play?

What if it just happened to turn out this way?

Could he be content with knowing that he alone survived?

Or does the warrior search forever wondering how the entire world died?

This is a weird one I know, but it literally just came to me out of thin air, for the past few weeks I’ve been wondering about a lot of things going on in my life. I’m currently way overdue waiting on word about my upcoming appointment with Tommy’s rainbow clinic, I feel like the lone warrior in the darkness searching for those answers to my recurrent miscarriage.

I haven’t taken the time to think about if there aren’t any answers to my questions, because it can happen so much that it can all just comes down to luck in the end with absolutely no answers. I think I’m just wondering what no answers would mean for me and my journey that it all came out as some apocalypse nightmare poetry.

Thanks for reading,


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