A toast to a New Year

The time has stopped still,

As everyone toasts with their swill,

For those memories yet to come,

While I pray I will overcome.

Throughout the land the people are happy,

From here they almost look sappy,

For tonight is the time we say goodbye,

And focus on the mackerel sky.

Soon it will be lit in all different colours,

As we greet the new day like a long lost brother,

But what about those who can’t look forward,

Who can only dream of swimming shoreward?

Are they to be left to drown alone,

To have their pain overblown,

All because they can’t look ahead,

When it fills them with nothing but dread.

As Hogmanay (Scottish for New Year’s Eve) is a time to reflect on everything the year has brought I thought it fitting to write a poem about the promise of New Years Day. It’s usually a time for new beginnings which can cause a lot of pressure with mental health, the pressure to look at the new year as a new beginning can really look appealing but when you are suffering it’s hard to stay in the moment nevermind look forward.

This year I make no resolutions, I will simply raise a glass to those I lost this year and drink to there memory.

Slร inte Mhath!

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