Down the Rabbit hole.

I see a white blur past me in the distance,

It talks about time with a matter of persistence,

Without an ounce of any self-control,

I follow the blur straight down the rabbit hole.

Before I know it I am at the bottom of a large pit,

Which has never seen so much as the moonlit,

Its darkness seems to come from magic,

Following the poor soul whose life is nothing but tragic.

The white blur comes out from the dark,

It may be small but its a bright spark,

It dances around me as I look for a way out,

But quickly it fades and I’m filled with doubt.

Cradling my legs as I try to hatch a plan,

But all I can now see is the bogeyman,

Ready to pounce on my lifeless body,

As I call out for somebody.

The creature cannot attack me,

The call for help made him flee,

Before I can think I’m being dragged from the darkness,

By strangers who want to help me regardless.

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