You were meant to watch over me,

The only one that could hear or see,

Leaving at the first chance you got,

Taking the bait and leaving me to rot.

Mother took her pain out on me,

Until you came back for a spot of tea,

You would disappear for months at a time,

Laughing and joking as you drank your wine.

You stayed at her parents every Christmas night,

For twenty years you’ve been adding to mums plight,

Through the deepest darkest holes I have faced,

You have made me feel like a piece of toxic waste.

I can’t have any sort of relationship with my niece,

The time I saw of her began to decrease,

You offer support pouring from your hands,

But when I need it you lead me into the sinking sands.

I don’t know what I did to have a brother like you,

If I was five I would be calling you a giant stinking poo,

I have tried for years to fix the distance between us,

But now I realise I shouldn’t make such a fuss.

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