Tales of Greats

There was once a great calm,

As the world would sing the Psalm,

When I thought they knew it all,

But it was my destiny to fall.

I heard tales of the true greats,

The ones who suffered dire straits,

The Kings who rose to retake their land,

The peasants who suffered at greeds hand.

I thought chivalry was the law,

I would smile in distant awe,

But tales only tell half the truth,

Which I knew nothing about in my youth.

I would see the best in the world,

My eyes were wide and my hair was curled,

I didn’t see the monsters lurking in the wild,

Until the first night that I was defiled.

I thought it would be a one-off thing,

But the real monster had yet to take his swing,

He made sure no one would care,

When he tortured me in his lair.

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