The Doctors

I went in terrified that I would get no plan, that I would be deemed unworthy but the story did not turn out the way I thought, it was worse. As I waited on my behind doctor a drunk woman was screaming about waiting, and I knew I would be next because unlike her I came in about five minutes before my appointment.

She would comment loudly after other people were asked in, I was very worried about her erupting when the doctor came out to see me but instead something else happened. The fire alarm went off, imagine a high pitched noise that would never end, we waited to be told what to do thinking it was just a drill.

Unaware that the place underneath us was actually on fire, we sat until the head receptionist came out to tell us that we had to leave, so we all got up walking out onto the stairwell where the full building was being evacuated, and we went out onto the street. As I hadn’t been seen yet I had to wait in the giant crowd of patients and staff that had assembled.

Within a few minutes the fire brigade had shown up, I was alone in the street surrounded by people, and I had to wait until it was over. It took almost an hour for the place to be deemed safe, as I waited the siren still went off, and it looked as though everyone had a group to chat to. It was a chilly November morning, I wasn’t wearing much besides a jumper, jeans, and a raincoat (because of Scotland).

As I stood freezing, pacing, and occasionally calling my parents who had just managed to make it out the building before the fire alarm went off. It was probably my worst experience of visiting the GP, it doesn’t quite top my worst hospital visit but I swear I am now more terrified to visit the doctor now just in case this happens.

The actual appointment almost an hour later wasn’t too bad, although I may have to travel all the way to Birmingham for a referral to Tommys, because Edinburgh is apparently not an option. I don’t know how to feel, I’m rather deflated by that option, but at least it’s not that far right? At least now we have a plan, its something I didn’t have yesterday.

When I came home I was ready to cry but thankfully I got a little bit of sparkle in the post delivered from summerSHINESstudio to brighten up my rather drab horrible day.

3 thoughts on “The Doctors

  1. So sorry. This sounds so horrible 😒😒 Glad my happy post arrived at your door today of all days xxx

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