I did it! Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween but this year I’m extra glad it’s here because I made it, blogging every day for thirty-one days straight! It is completely knackering, I’ve been up obsessing over posts, putting myself down, and completely frazzled at times but I did it!

It hasn’t hurt my passion for writing at all, I thought I’d be sick of it all by now, but if anything I am more passionate about it than I was. I thought for this post I would list all the things that blogtober has taught me.

  • To believe in me, even just a little.
  • That I can achieve goals I set for myself.
  • That I have a dedicated audience who are willing to put up with me for 31 days straight.
  • That I absolutely love to write.
  • That I will have the occasional hiccup with posts but I’ll get there.
  • The posts that I feel the most nervous about are actually the most well received.
  • I can fight my chronic illness and raise awareness at the same time.
  • That I absolutely love reading other people’s posts and I have missed being as active as I once was with that.
  • This community is more supportive than any other.
  • I want to write my book.

It’s only been thirty-one days but I have learned so much about my writing, I would like to thank my better half for being supportive about my writing and the time I spend away from him to do this challenge.

It has all been completely worth it, I know I am stronger than my mental illness now, that I am actually worthy to chase my unrealistic dream, and I feel so much better for it now than I ever have.

Believe in yourself, and Happy Halloween! 🎃


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