I socialised in an unfamiliar environment!

Important Announcement at end of post!

Yesterday I spent the entire day relaxing, watching Netflix, painting my nails a bright colour, gave myself a facial, and wrote. I did it all so I would feel relaxed and calm today. You see I’d been worried about going out all week, the lady I was going out to see is absolutely lovely and we always had a great friendship.

I’d stopped speaking to her as she was friends with a girl I went berzerk at as I was holding a lot of anxiety in about things she had done, this is why I couldn’t sleep all weekend, although part of it is the clocks going back and messing up my sleep cycle, the majority of it was this. But her best friend and I are now on speaking terms and she reached out to me over a week ago.

I have been meaning to reach out to her for a while but I feel bad because of how my mental health ended her friendship, so when I saw her message I thought it was about time I spoke to her. She asked me if I still had short hair as so doesn’t know anyone else that is brave enough to cut there hair short.

Thankfully I got my hair chopped about eight months ago so I said I would help her, I was anxious that she was just reaching out to me for a favour, but we have spoken almost constantly since then so my mind was set at ease. When I appeared at the college I was very nervous, a ton of students where outside smoking and the building has changed so much in the past few years.

But she totally put my mind at ease with a huge smile and a big hug, we spoke for a bit before she took me to the salon side of the college, I was blown away with the little run down college I went to for a specific higher had changed so much, it totally distracted me from how anxious I was because before it hadn’t been painted since the early seventies.

When we went into the room it looked like a proper salon, they even had technology to tell you what kind of hair you had, it was busy with a lot of students and women who where also being worked on, but I made sure to hydrate as I was walking in otherwise I would have gotten rather dizzy, and I was put at ease by my old friend.

I didn’t have to wait around as I got my hair and scalp checked which made me happy because no one had ever told me that before, then we went and washed my hair which involved a scalp massage. This completely relaxed me and I felt like I was on a bed of relaxation, we were there for a while as it included a hair mask.

My hair was super soft by the time we got back to the chair, we continued chatting a lot and we spoke about all the new things we still had to catch up on. It was really enjoyable for me as when I get my hair done by my hairdresser I never get a blow-dry because my hairdresser has done my hair since I was young and she only has a certain amount of time to cut myself and my parent’s hair.

I can’t go to a salon to just get my hair blow dried because the thought scares me, so this really helped me today as I know the person that’s doing it and I got the chance to indulge a little for free. She did a fantastic job on my hair, I really like it, volume but not too much and smooth. She actually got a commendation for it so I am ever happier I helped out.



TheLadyPrince.com has been activated, I decided to put my everything into this site, to fully commit to helping others going through hard times with there mental health. I would like to individually thank so many people for helping me, encouraging me, and pulling me out of holes. There are actually too many of you to thank because that is how great this community actually is and I am so glad I found all of you.

You inspire me every day to get be, to be better, and to write my little ass off.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

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