For you my love.

Through the darkness and the light,

You never leave my sight,

Holding me up as my legs go weak,

When life becomes oblique.

You are the only thing I’m certain of,

As if you were my gift sent from above,

To pick me up when I can’t walk,

To find the words when I can’t talk.

The dedication you’ve shown for me,

I’d think we’d all agree,

Is nothing but heroic,

As you stand there being stoic.

Not wanting any praise,

For being there always,

For pulling me out of the depths,

Showing me how to take the steps.

You are the missing piece of my puzzle,

Talking off my muzzle,

You allowed me to find my voice,

And now I can rejoice.

This poem is about my better half who has always encouraged me to follow my dreams, picked me up off the floor many times, and has always believed in me. He makes me want to become a better person and is the missing piece of my life puzzle. We’ve been together since we were pretty young, had many ups and downs, but we always make the decision to ride through the bumps together.

Relationships take so much work, it can be easy to walk away, but a true partnership is when you sort out your problems together and face your fear with that one person. In those moments when I am been most scared during our relationship when I nearly died as I lay in that hospital bed, all I did was look at him because I thought those were my last moments.

I wasn’t scared, all I wanted to do was comfort him, and be happy at the moment I thought we had left.

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