Well, today I feel absolutely terrible, I went out, I did all I could do but right now it feels as if I’ve made myself physically sicker by going out. I’m just rather tired, rather devastated, and I feel like I should come with my own trigger warning I’m so jumpy. This will be my post for today, it isn’t very much, its rather a cheating post for blogtober but right now I can’t do too much more.

I will be spending the rest of the day lying on the couch right next to the heater, drinking warm drinks, and trying not to get so sad about Baby loss awareness week ending tomorrow. I understand it gives awareness to a much taboo subject, but I feel like it’s giving me the closer I’m not quite ready for right now, and I don’t want to take part in the wave of light on social media this year.

Last time I had to wait eleven months to light my candles, this time I want to do it as just us with no social presence, don’t think I can say goodbye just yet.

2 thoughts on “Bleurgh

    • It’s like waves, sometimes they settle and I feel as if my head is finally above water. The rest of the time it feels like I’m being dragged down with them, just a very triggering time for me right now with miscarriage awareness and I have absolutely no answers as to why it keeps happening.


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