I’m sickly

My better half (who at this moment I want to slay) has given me that horrendous cold that is going around, my cough sounds like I smoke a packet of cigarettes a day, I somehow feel physically sick and yet starving, and my entire body is stiff yet too cold and too warm at the same time. Being physically sick can really hurt our mental health so it’s important to try and prevent that from happening.

Get Up Every Now and Then

Lying in bed or on the couch can be helpful for our physical health but it can really hurt our mental health, try and get up and move around a little every hour, I know it can be hard when you’re physically ill but its worth it to stop the descent into depression which comes with lying about the house.

Try Puzzles to keep your mind active

Puzzles can really help our unquiet minds to focus, keeping your mind active is really important, and just because your tired doesn’t mean it’s not important. Take time when you’re awake to really focus, even if it’s just for a few minutes it can really stop the depressive slump in its tracks.

Drink lots of Water

I love a good warm drink when I’ve got the cold but its really important to hydrate, especially since caffeine is not good for our mental illness, drink small amounts regularly, it really helps offset the caffeine.

Watch your favourite tv show

Or at least a show you love, something that’s engaging yet you won’t mind missing parts of it for the multiple naps you’ll need. I always try a show that elevates my mood and makes me laugh when I’m physically ill.

Adult colouring book

I fidget a lot due to anxiety, so when I can’t really move my anxiety goes absolutely crazy, the focus that adult colouring books really helps my fidgeting and gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Just breathe

It’s easy to focus on your physical health but always remember that your mental health is just as important, it’s easy to start spiralling when you are physically ill but just remember to breathe and do what makes you relax.

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