Why am I doing Blogtober?

As someone with some stuff going on in her life (going to see the doctor about recurrent miscarriage, an upcoming pip tribunal, grieving, attending an upcoming funeral, and suffering through mental illness), I can really see why I wouldn’t take up this challenge. I am going through a lot, my head isn’t in a great place, my illness is not leaving anytime soon, so why should I bother?

1. I need to challenge myself:

I need to give myself some goals to focus on, without them I may just shrink away into nothing, and just give up on myself. Right now I need the challenge to get me up from bed in the morning, otherwise, I will disappear into myself, and I feel less guilty when I’m keeping myself busy.

2. I need to learn to trust my voice:

My biggest problem is that I don’t believe in myself, I have an anxious voice in my head constantly telling me I’m terrible, and I believe if I can fight against it and post for thirty-one days straight I will know that it is very wrong.

3. To raise awareness:

For Mental Illness and the upcoming Baby loss awareness week. Many people suffer in silence when they don’t have to, these are two important issues that still have stigma surrounding them, and many people do not know how to speak out.

4. To engage with other bloggers:

I am terrible at speaking to anyone from real life to social media, but the blogging communities are very welcoming, if I can say Hello to a fellow blogger or read more blog content it can help me become a better writer and all around person.

5. Not letting Mental Illness get in my way:

I know some days I will struggle terribly, I don’t want to do anything, and I’ll be petrified to do anything about it. I will be overwhelmed, stressed, tired, scared, angry, upset, to name just a few, but if I can still write through it, I’ll know that it was worth it.

I understand that it might not be a big deal to anyone, but to me, if I can even half pull it off, it’ll be a success.

2 thoughts on “Why am I doing Blogtober?

  1. I can’t wait to read more of your stories and I wish you the best with everything you are going through! Keep your head held high!


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