For you

You are there for me in every storm,

Sheltering me and keeping me warm,

Taking the brunt of the ever-changing weather,

For years until the spring brings the heather.

You guide me when I feel wrong,

You tell me that I am strong,

When I have a broken wing,

You care for me until I can sing.

You tell me my feelings are worthwhile,

Even if they are a faulty turnstile,

You take care of things when I can’t,

When I feel like a dying plant.

You comfort me when I need it,

You let me rant when I feel it,

I can be sick around you,

You understand when I feel blue.

Every panic attack,

Every flashback,

Even when I’m filled with rage,

You know just how to engage.

You’ll join me on my journey,

Even if it ends in a gurney,

I don’t know what I did to deserve you,

As I keep trying to pull through.

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