Broken Doll

My soul is broken in half,

Other people may laugh,

But I’ve broken into a million pieces,

As my womb releases.


I cannot bring you home,

Could it be a wrong chromosome,

That keeps my children from me,

As I live my life without you three.


I wish I could hold your hand,

To take you to a far-off land,

I wish I could brush your hair,

And tell you that I am there.


I see you three in my mind,

I teach you all how to be kind,

I hold you when you’re upset,

I teach you all the alphabet.


I watch you in your sleep,

I take care of your upkeep,

I kiss the bobo on your knee,

While I bathe you we play with the rubber ducky.


When you have a terrible fever,

I stay up and watch you forever,

When you need someone to talk too,

I will become your own personal guru.


I cannot do any of this,

I lost you three now you don’t exist,

All I have are the hopes and dreams,

As I begin to tear myself at the seems.

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