I can’t get out

I’m trapped inside my head,

I tell myself it’d be better if I was dead,

My loved one would be better off,

If I was wrapped inside a cloth.

I cannot look at your faces,

Instead I stare at my laces,

The shy little girl,

Who was convinced she’d give life a whirl.

Now she can’t even go outside,

Or take anything in her stride,

She is crippled by her thoughts,

She is drenched in her loss.

I can’t remember who I am anymore,

As life becomes one big chore,

I struggle to keep my head above water,

I thought I would be the perfect daughter.

Now my body is letting everyone down,

As my mind keeps having a nervous breakdown,

I can only trust one person in my life,

As he is with me in both joy and strife.

Everyone else I’ve pushed away,

Or they’ve left because my life is grey,

But I hold on for those I love,

They give me strength from up above.

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