Don’t touch me

Your unwelcome fingers are all over me,

The action that I did not agree,

You were my best friend,

And with that action our relationship ends.

I did not like you in that way,

You keep grouping when I said nay,

I could not fight you off,

You where the pig and I was the trough.

I can still feel your unwanted hands,

Their constant creepy demands,

The alcohol that was on your breath,

As you continued to grope my breast.

Other friends just sat there and watched,

As you got your one and only notch,

I kept trying to push your hand away,

But you made sure they’d stay.

Later I found out you loved me,

But we could never be,

You took our friendship and set it on fire,

Just so you could get your one desire.

Ten years ago I had a male best friend, we just clicked, but for me there was no romantic feeling at all. I loved him like a brother, but that’s as far as it went for me. I had just started a relationship with the love of my life, I am still with him to this day, and my best friend was not happy. I did not know he had feelings for me, as far as I was concerned he felt the same about me.

After a girls night, we went back to the pub where all the men were, I went to see my best friend who was completely wasted. He pulled me onto his lap, which made me feel uncomfortable but I thought I was overreacting, and then he repeatedly continued to group my breasts. I tried to get him to stop, with all the force I had, but it wasn’t enough.

A member of my own family and friends just sat there looking shocked as he groped me, I did not ask for this behaviour and they all knew it was wrong. I needed help, but had to fight for myself, and after a lifetime I got away. My best friend sexually assaulted me, I did not speak to him for a long time after that, he even moved to Spain for work and ran away from his problems.

I cannot forgive him for his unwanted advances, I’m glad it happened around other people because he was forcing himself upon me, and it could have been much worse. It was still wrong, it was also wrong for people to just sit and watch while it happened. If it happened today things might have played out differently, but if you see a friend in distress, help.

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