Where is the time?

I just sit and watch it pass,

I watch as the tarnish corrodes the brass,

The leaves that once fell have turned to dust,

As I watch my entire life begin to rust.

For so long my life has stood still,

Every day I take my pill,

I sit here and stare into space,

Too scared to talk to the human race.

The days turn into years,

As I experience my greatest fears,

Stuck in the same place I’ve always been,

The girl who is just too keen.

The woman who face too much abuse,

She thought it would end with a noose,

The girl who fought every day to live,

The one that did nothing but give.

Her life has turned to bone and ash,

The disorders in her head begin to clash,

Time has left her to stand still,

As she hides in her barrel to distil.

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