Some of you might know that I was harassed a few days ago, it was on my own personal Instagram, and my email; probably a complete troll. It affected me, it started to make me feel paranoid, why did he have my email? How did he get it? It triggered a horrible flashback, and my anxiety went into complete overdrive.

It’s important to state that beforehand I felt great, my partner came home finally after spending ten working weeks away from home, we could finally spend some proper time together, and I could go back to a normal(ish) sleep pattern. Then it happened, several messages followed by several sensitive images, and one very long and creepy email.

I felt rather violated as I always have, it’s not my first time seeing pictures of that nature, and I don’t know why its always in the creep calling card. Does it actually work? Do some women enjoy random people sending them dick pics? Now if you are one of those women then you continue to respond and enjoy, but I’m not you.

I couldn’t stop panicking about it, thankfully I wasn’t home alone, but the images still stay with me. Why can’t those people stop presuming I want to see those messages and images after a long happy day? Don’t these types of people think about the consequences of their actions? Why can’t they see just what this does to my dignity and the dignity of those other women they choose to harass?

I’ve been sexually harassed by friends, strangers, bosses, employees, and a boyfriend. I’ve been sexually assaulted and raped, why the hell would I want to see you’re junk? Hasn’t this gone on for long enough? Haven’t we had enough of being treated this way? I’m completely sick of it, and every single woman I know has been treated this way.

When is enough going to be enough? What happened in the early 1990’s should have been enough to stop this behaviour for my generation, it still continues, what do I have to do to save it from the next?

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