Flash Panic

I’m trying to sleep as a noise scares me in the distance. I can’t move, my teeth clench, ears ring, and I start to hyperventilate.

Palms get sweaty, my whole body shakes, I cannot speak, I begin to twitch and the whole time the reasons for a noise downstairs race through my head.

It was merely a noise you may say, but to me, it’s a potential threat, still haunted by abuse and trauma. I lie here like a corpse hoping no one is there.

If there was an intruder what could I do? I can’t move or shout for a neighbour. I wish I wasn’t stuck here wondering what nightmare waits for me.

But instead I’ll just lie here until the threat is over, as my chest tightens, I see the hallway on the ceiling. The torment my mind has created has gone into overdrive.

Why does it make us feel like we are about to die?

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