My Peanut

I miss you my little peanut,
every single day,
I think about you as much as I can,
and my love never fades away.

I wonder what you’d be like,
and I cry just like when you left me.
I think what our first Mothers day would be,
and the traditions that are now empty.

I think about who you’d have looked like,
grey eyes or auburn?
I think about the endless sleepless nights,
and all I do is want them.

The pain of not knowing you has never really gone,
people who don’t understand might think I should move on.
But you will stay with me every moment of my life,
and I will gladly carry you with me in both joy and strife.

I love you Peanut more than anyone could understand,
the seven and a half weeks I had with you was the greatest in this land.
To be your Mother has been my honour,
and to have never met you is my horror.

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